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Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Email has gone from simple intra-office communication to the way major business communications happen. Archiving email can assist in business deals or providing proof of intent if needed. Now, with ECMSI's Email Archiving tool, RADAR, this process gets streamlined, simplified and secured, all for a low per-user cost!

What is RADAR?

RADAR is a hosted email archiving service that operates in conjunction with your existing email infrastructure to ensure the protection, preservation and continuous operation of email communication for your business, while providing on-demand email access for users anywhere and anytime. Reflexion Archiving, Discovery and Recovery (RADAR) works by having all incoming, outgoing and internal email routed through the gateway from Reflexion Total Control. All emails and attachments are filtered for spam and viruses, which are eliminated, then indexed for search and retrieval (discovery) and then encrypted in the active archive for secure, long-term retention. Using RADARS's web interface, users are able to instantly identify and retrieve email and attachments, recovering them directly to their desktop.

Active Archiving

RADAR's active archiving automatically stores a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal email in a secure, encrypted repository indefinitely.


eDiscovery refers to the process of finding email in the active archive. RADAR provides a unique set of eDiscovery tools that empower users to perform multiple levels of live search for any email or attachment within the archive. RADAR's proprietary DeepLink discovery engine enables users to locate relevant and related emails and attachments quickly and easily from their mailbox archive. Authorized users are permitted to search across the enterprise.

Email Recovery

Using RADAR's online user interface, users can instantly recover any email or attachment from the active archive to their desktop inbox, without the assistance from IT.

Email Continuity

RADAR provides continuous on-demand access to email from any location. In the event of any internal network or server outages, users can access the secure RADAR serves via any browser or email client and continue communication via email without any down-time, mail queuing or sender “bounce-back” messages.

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